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A Place For Quantum Enthusiasts To Learn & Grow Their Career In Quantum Tech

Meet with Like-Minded Quantum geeks by joining QuantumAERA

What is Quantum AERA?

Quantum  AERA is highly focused on building the fundamentals of professionals and individuals in Quantum Computing (QC), Quantum Machine Learning (QML), Quantum Image Processing (QIP), Quantum  Natural Language Processing (QNLP), Quantum Finance , Quantum Chemistry and Quantum Optimization

Why choose Quantum AERA

Learn Cutting Edge Technologies

Quantum AERA introduces cutting-edge technologies to the leading generation learners in order to sustain and expand their creativity

Build Portfolio of Projects

Explore various fasinating fields of quantum computation and construct your strong projects portfolio to make your profile unique and outstanding

Interact with Quantum Evangelists

Meet and interact with quantum computing enthusiasts and grow your knowledge by sharing it with the community


Quantum Computing With Qiskit Ultimate Masterclass

This course is designed for school students, college/university students and industry professionals who would like to up skill themselves and pursue their career in the field of quantum computing

Build Up Your Fundamentals in Quantum Computing with IBM Qiskit and IBM Quantum Hardware

Dive into the world of quantum computing and explore the mathematics and physics behind Quantum Computing and Quantum Information Science.

Learn to construct complex quantum circuits utilizing various quantum logic gates with IBM Qiskit.

Develop significant 10 quantum algorithms such as Quantum Fourier transform, Quantum Phase Estimation, Grover's search and many more utilizing the IBM Quantum Simulators.

Course Testimonials

Srinjoy sir is very humble and extremely helping person. He has high expertise in Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. He has guided and mentored me for developing and applying the concepts of ML and DL at the industry level and because of his excellent mentorship, I was able to acquire multiple job offers. Whenever it comes to research related work then his dedication and hard work is always commendable. He is a great leader teammate and mentor.

If you are looking for proper guidance and support in the field of cutting edge technologies then Srinjoy sir is the perfect person to get in touch with, you won’t regret doing that as the learning experience is really good.

Mohit Kumar

Machine Learning Engineer, Aligne

I am happy to share that due to your guidance and mentoring Srinjoy Ganguly sir, in machine learning and deep learning, I learned a lot and I am able to work on many projects with ease in the field of data science and machine learning. Your good nature, helping tendency and knowledge about machine learning, deep learning has helped me a lot which has landed me in a good position in my academics. Though this was a remote interaction it wasn’t like that because of your efforts and commitment to helping people who are struggling to come up.
I should have been blessed to have a mentor like you. Thanks a lot sir!

Abhirami Mahanarangam

Summer Analyst, Goldman Sachs

Srinjoy sir’s teaching has helped me a lot in implementing various projects in the field of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Srinjoy sir’s mentorship has helped me to gain an internship and job, and I am really grateful for the quality time he dedicates. He taught me python modules for the NPTEL examination which helped me a lot. He has the excellent industry knowledge and a strong hold on concepts which helped me a lot. He is really an awesome mentor and you can relie upon him. His teachings have helped me in knowing the core concepts of deep learning and machine learning. I worked with thim related to a project on self driving cars which we completed with flying colors. I am always thankful to him for his guidance and mentorship!

Rohan Giri

Application Development Associate, Accenture

Core Team & Community Builders

Srinjoy Ganguly

IBM Qiskit Advocate | IBM Quantum Educator | Visiting Professor at Woxsen University | QNLP | Quantum Machine Learning | Community Builder & Quantum AERA Discord Admin

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